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Health Products

health products

There are a couple of health products that have been saving my life and that I can’t live without. These health products have been doing wonders for me. As you know, I’m not a very big fan of the medical system, western medicine and medication.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against medication, some people really do need it (although I do believe that there has to be a natural alternative or cure for every single disease or symptom out there but that’s just my belief) but until you find it, sometimes, we just need medication. But when it comes time for me to find a natural alternative to something, I will research until my fingers fall off, because being healthy is very important to me. Eastern medicine and natural products are always my first choice!

I have always had pressure in my sinuses, inflammation in the nose, headaches, pressure in the middle of my forehead, weakness dizziness, very slow digestion and more. Yes, for the past few years I haven’t been the healthiest person, but I’m getting there.

Now I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency, (explains the weakness and feeling fatigued constantly) and inflammation in the nose, by my doctor, as well as poor digestion. I’ve been frequently prescribed Nasonex, eugghhh.. (how I dread that stuff) and iron medication for the iron deficiency.

See, what I usually do when I’m not feeling well, is I’ll go to my doctor and run tests to get to the bottom of things. Then once I get my diagnosis, off to the naturalist or to the health food store I go. Depending on the problem, I’ll try things like;

Acupuncture: It instantly and I mean instantly helped me with my digestion issues when I couldn’t even hold down a glass of water. It has cured my headaches, insomnia, heartburn, post partum depression etc. (Yes I’ve been through hell these past couple of years). Acupuncture has even helped someone I know with back pain and sleep apnea big time!

Osteopathy: Helped me with easing my dizziness and feeling unbalanced.

Naturalist: Cured my acne instantly as well as my sinus pressure.

Now can you imagine if I would have taken medication for all of these health issues, yikes!!

Here are some health products that I use for my health issues, instead of prescribed medication that I have been prescribed. These health products have literally saved my life.




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bromNatural Factors Bromelain 500 capsules




Bromelain benefits: Don’t even think about spraying your nose with cortisone before you try Bromelaine first. It helped me with my sinus problems and headaches, inflammation in my nose, which I’m sure was causing my headaches and forehead pressure. But not only that, Bromelain can help with, uti’s, bronchitis, pneumonia, blood clots, heartburn, digestion, osteoarthritis and more.


floradix Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 250 ml



I use Floradix instead of iron medication. The iron pills can cause constipation and other side effects. Floradix increases iron levels and increases your energy without those side effects.

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health products

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