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Five Green Tea Beauty Secrets

Green tea is one of my favorites. It is high in antioxidants and even though it is known to be good for our health, it is proven to be just as good for us when we apply it on our bodies.

Here are some recipes that you can easily create in your kitchen using green tea for healthier looking skin.


#1 Exfoliating Green Tea Scrub:

An exfoliating skin scrub will remove all the dead skin cells and regenerate new ones.

Tear open a tea bag and add 1 tsp of sugar. Then add 1 tsp of water and gently apply it to the skin in circular  motions for 2 minutes and rinse.

#2 Skin reviving face mask:

This will give you instantly glowing skin.

Just add 1 tbs of green tea liquid to 3 tbs of full fat natural yogurt, let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse.

#3 Green tea toner:

A toner is supposed to balance the ph of you skin to neutralize it. A toner is meant to stay on the skin without rinsing it off.  Add a moisturizer immediately after applying a toner, in order to lock in its  nutrients.

#4 Drink it.

Not only will it keep you healthy and give you beautiful skin but green tea actually fights cancer. It also boosts metabolism, flushes toxins and reduces belly fat helping you to lose weight.

#5 Soothing eye compress:

Will reduce puffiness and dark circles

Let 2 tea bags sit for about an hour in 2 cups of boiling water. Remove them and let them cool (can refrigerate them to go faster). Lye down and apply them to your eyes. Treat your eyes to this for about 20 wonderful minutes.

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Egyptian Milk Bath Recipe

Doesn’t the title, ”Egyptian milk bath recipe,” make you feel like a queen.

It does to me and I think we all know why. It makes me think of Cleopatra. Who was Cleopatra? Only the last active Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, ruler Ptolemaic Egypt (sarcasm). She was known for her beauty and sex appeal. She referred to herself as the reincarnation of an Egyptian goddess.

One of Queen Cleopatra’s famous beauty secrets is bathing in milk. She apparently had the most gorgeous skin which was soft and youthful. So yes, when I think of an Egyptian milk bath, I think of her. When I bathe in milkI really feel like the queen of Egypt. When I’m done bathing in milk, I feel like the queen of the world. My skin is so smooth, smoother than a baby’s bottom.

I have this new thing. Everytime I take a bath, I make sure to add whole milk. Everytime. The lactic acid in milk (which is part of the alpha hydroxy family) works as an exfoliator that gets rid of dead skin. It literally removes the dead skin right off my body. It also lightens the skin giving it a nice even and bright, youthful glow. In other words, taking a milk bath gives soft skin a whole new meaning.


How to get the perfect skin with this recipe.

If you want to know how to have beautiful skin, keep reading. Milk bath benefits are so powerful, just one bath alone will instantly make your skin feel like butter. Here’s what you will need for this milk bath recipe. Are you ready? Drum roll please…


How to take a milk bath

While you are running a warm bath, add a cup of whole milk and fill the tub as desired.The water must be very warm, at a comfortable temperature that is right for you. Relax and enjoy your bath and stay for as long as you want but minimum 20 minutes. That’s enough to get it to start working it’s magic.

Honey & Milk bath recipe

Just add a cup of whole milk and half a cup of honey for extra goodness. Now for the final magic touch, while your skin is still damp, apply your favorite body butter or rich moisturizer. I love using coconut oil. Applying moisturizer while your skin is damp, is the best time to apply it because it locks in all the moisture.