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About Beautiful Healthy Mom

Beauty is the outcome of eating right, staying in shape, self acceptance, a wonderful spirit and a positive attitude.

Health is an outcome of nutrition, a balanced diet, a strong mind and a positive outlook on life. When you combine all of these, you are nurturing your body mind and soul and everyday you become wiser and closer to being the best you.

Meet Julia Broderick

Julia-BioJulia Broderick is a certified esthetician, electrologist and eyelash technician since 2008. Julia is also a beauty teacher/trainer and has taught certain beauty techniques at a respectable college in her hometown! But her most important job is being a mom! Julia‘s love for beauty health and wellness, combined with her love for teaching, is what motivated her to create

From creating DIY makeup and cosmetics using ingredients found in her kitchen, to health topics, Julia believes that protecting ourselves from toxins and chemicals found in cosmetics and keeping our body and mind healthy much as possible, is something that is crucial to staying happy and youthful for as long as possible! Her messages also convey that Inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty and that is something we must never forget! Being the best you is about taking care of your health, your skin, your soul as well as to love yourself and others! Julia gets her influence for natural beauty and healthy living from her mother!

“I think we were one of the only kids at school who were never able to pronounce the foods packed in our lunchbox,” she said.

Her mother was always making extra healthy lunches. “Our lunches were so boring and too healthy according to us kids and they were always so colourful filled with all the different colors of the rainbow and we hated it. Today, I am so thankful because it really taught me how to be healthy and I now do the same for my son, I just don’t know any other way.”

Her mother was always either creating her own products or using natural essential oils or chemical free products on her skin and read every single natural beauty or natural health magazine for health tips and beauty secret recipes. “Our book shelves were always filled with DIY makeup recipes, healthy eating and self help books, It’s a big part of my life and I want to share it with others.”

When Julia attended beauty school in 2008, she said it just felt right! “Health and beauty was a topic that felt so natural to me because I had been introduced to this subject all of my life.” Growing up around a mother who was always into yoga, natural cosmetics and soul searching, it’s no wonder all this talk of health and beauty comes natural to Julia.

Julia Broderick always knew she wanted to do something different with her life. She always had this urge to help others and be a teacher somehow and to influence people in a positive way!  In 2013, a year after having her son and after a 70lbs weight gain, Julia  decided to use her knowledge for home remedies and healthy living, to lose weight and gain back her confidence!

She decided to use this drive and passion to create a website and YouTube channel in order to give people information and to share her knowledge with the world. She wanted so desperately to help women who were going through similar insecurities to feel more beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. With all the technology we have today, it has never been easier to get your message across the globe and to do the things that inspire us and that’s exactly what this blog is about, beauty, health, changing our lives for the better and doing things we’re uncomfortable doing, in order to better ourselves and the world around us!

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